Saturday, October 6, 2012

February 2016

.it's FEMA camp social media !!!

May19 2016 update. "The main pertinence seems to be the collection of signatures for theft... KD explained 1000 to steal the 60,000$ inheritance. Also explaining the collection of now more than 2 million similar to a WW2 effort." At 10 thousand that you wouldn't complain. "Also KD explains that death if he & they don't get propriety of the publications." 

"Chloe Charles Cousin Nate Daniels (Cairo) is implicated as the Jesus thief false ID etc." reincarnation, future karma.. they never have too show any money at all. "His dad is described as a dot fraud million billion emperor fraud trillions."  "KKDavid thinks he's Caesar. false buddy mimic rubber glue."  "TransMu rder algebra is pertinent."  "Fundamental evil channel chat is his dad brought his cat to fuck the baby Chloe, tricks of the pimp trade." they visit babies with his turtle?
"Keith(Kurt) Frank (Bill) David aka Kentucky is C.I.A. US military self confessed psychopath. Billion+ false ID letters {Va USA] as Ross (Gordon) Andrew McLaurin {Colin was infamous as not rapist...)" very! tech "& my current  name also. He says Chloe was similar from Bahamas address ^anything Ho^ as if from her dad. KFDavid was born to drug lord family. Women as drug mule torture toys. Change his name one letter fake his death insurance fraud... His false letters as US military C.I.A {treason has no statute of limitations} were for invitations from feminists for invitations.  He describes more than 50,000 RAPED for money & pregnancy children." as part of the letter campaign.  "Self confessed 40% pig shit" bull shit "A large part is the TransMu algebra wherein the psychopath agrees that others will be dead to pay for about 1:1 at mortality & 1:4 deaths at travel.  Keith Describes millions of women at risk for pushing the like button online or follow button..." about 10,000 dead already. "Nancy Black... replaced ..."  That you've never seen him {KKD) makes it hard to see him. "To remain camouflage: also religious hierarchy reasons."  "I hadn't & haven't been allowed to see the success of views ... in the billions that Keith Kurt describes." 'Nancy is already been described as TransMued returned to Queen East residence.' you could say about the budget. "KKDsays 1/2 to prove falsification liar"

August 2015 After months about the freak mutilation torture ceremonies associated with the hush money menstruation industry of the exponential death and annihilation to spirit shoo of Universes outlined in Protect Yourself it seems it's worse. From now on it's count rape pregnancy children including multi generational incest in the same way that spirit suicide and murder are counted in the 10s of thousands. A real material suicide or murder is often a messy business that people notice but a rape pregnancy is a blip of sperm often achieved in less than a minute with freakishly large competitive family operated freak greed.  PS It seems that years ago I published that Chloe was on the same every suicide and murder in Ontario team and my facebook account was cancelled and the memory was raped out of my head so the pigs could rape 60,000$ material off me for her seed money to be the most freakishly expensive more than a 100,000 virginities sold psychopath greedy humanid female in the history of earth humans. It's EXPONENTIAL freakish tragic DEMENTED Mussolini TOO MENSTRUATION PIG FREAK SHOW.

Nice  enough person but why should we bother if nobody else did 
[3/13/2016 This was the experience but the recent channel chat is how much Keith & Chloes' associates enjoyed the rape & torture of those that indicated media appreciation. 
                       my death will be one less human push toy for the spirit cannibal emperor
                               this resistance to racism is by Impose Cures Obese-Riches

Dec 1 2013
Whether you think of it as past or still could be...
MUSSOLINI 2 aka Berlusconi
The elder statesman as emperor media politics.

10/06/12  Berlusconi was and is almost or very really a resistance to the spirit channel men and boys that prefer men and boys.  Really I haven't sold out I was still full on jump on his head LARGE when he wants to give a speech for re-election, but the freaks that channel fuck me as the excuse into keeping him in mental illness channel fucked for many minutes or hrs later when he wasn't making a re-election effort are the demented freaks that only live to be destruction freakish idiots...
I'm trying to get him to take his multiple universe responsibilities seriously.

Biology is about 50/50 but channels is about 50 times more male. Have you watched television recently... Often there is a line up of channels to head fuck me that are to glad happy to prostate orgasm for the opportunity to head fuck me.

Remember that the location of Berlusconi was the WA against Mussolini. Imagine 3 years old and the torrent of psychopath exponential beyond belief expectations of absurd freakish inversion algebraic dementia.  Basically the premise is that there is a good out there that wants him dead. (It is a battle between mercenary envoy-representations with false...)  I have real empathy sympathies for the man. There is a biology in the man...

8 years old "a lawyer" deciding how many falsifications he will need "a Trillion". So he is committed to a tortuous hell of never being allowed to choose what he wants because it has to be a falsification.

13 years old and he was given the keys to his 150 (there is an exact number) Universe "plantation".

This most recent major episode for me was the 5 (2.5) year suicidal SIT... Apoplexy or "call plexia" where Berlu is calling channels out and the channels of called it on our identity are calling stay. The basic is make your deal with the devil... The spirit channels were typically demented with say "Berlu is not so bad".  However the real agreement with Silvio Berlusconi is that some spirit channels are a REAL nuisance. "the CUR crosseur" and he agreed that even the Silvio Berlusconi channel had a try the new media on like a suit experience was a "bit faggy"
So to make this a little less faggy there is a woman in Mexico with the most recent record time nuisance of five days at Berlusconi and she only needed five days in mental hospital to cover the spread.