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Nice enough person but why should we bother if nobody else did
3/6/2016"It seems many did but were diverted to death lists"

women worth watching   Stephanie McMillan    
  Lori Harfenist ,   
for Canadian content truther girl Sonia
the most difficult chore for a reduction in Patriarchy FEMEN  
in one sense they are all anus lube to Berlusconi as is the rest of a multi universe world, however if combined with this sort of complaint....

We in a Mclaurin family sense had a neighbor that wrote a biography that had only one line about his spouse, so to be less regularly male here is a brief spiritual reference about the channel chat of significant women in my life.  Firstly this entire published effort was paid for by Lois Elle'n Young.
She ran into trouble with the f/k heads in college and that combined with empathic compassion as an Occupational Therapist for the mentally ill made her prone to stories that were sometimes hard to follow.  She was Taurus f/k'd into a love of property that made her borderline greedy but for the most part I can be proud that she didn't belittle others to be superior.  My first sexual relationship was with Christien Mourey  not sure of the spelling, in Verbier Suisse.  She described Switzerland as military banking that forced her to give away her newborn. She was impressed with Vancouver as a less oppressive political environment.  Nancy Black and I traveled to equatorial Africa from Europe...  The resident channel chat is that in her head gave permission to murder "the one" aka the future Hitler category and channels didn't allow more than that from fear of her being told at 2 murders as "bible".  Her sit was a concession to make a baby, but she insisted that it be a good guy. So channels went all the way to Winnipeg to find a runner Italian that wasn't psychopath spirit soldier.   Next was Victoria Richmond with the then demi black child Chloe Charles.  The channel chat is that when asked if she would murder she said "absolutely not" which is the code for murdering black... After 3 murders they told her that the dreams of murdering black were real and she was so pissed with them that she went to the West Indies to make a black child.. A courageous go fuck yourself sent to a demented Roman Catholic tyranny.  Chloe Charles is described as would murder colour bigots and then told it was real at 2 but she wanted real proof of sensible choices so it's said that she still isn't murder.  The jerk that made her "Water" video was trying to hypocritically catch her as a spirit psychopath.  It was with Vic and Chlo that I suffered a very severe "who made you God" rape.  Some time in the future I will be able to explain what I've been told about Chloe when I can put it in the "it's really quite common" with other examples category.  
  Anne Mead : born to trouble as one of 4 daughters as breech on the same day same city as Prince Andrew...   Her first expressions about spirit to me at a time when I didn't have a clue about such pertinence was a still very valid dislike and distrust of shape-shifters and coven.  Between that and a love of native 1st nations and a career trying to protect children at risk...  At one point she was channel f/k'd into awe of a drag queen and then got into big time spirit trouble when she discovered a group of pedophile psychopaths that frequented the same bar.  Pedophilia is big business with a lot of clout so she was pretty much totally f/k'd after that...  Recently I've been told that the Obesity she suffers is from channels filling her with David Icke deflection dementia... so that channels could claim that it made it all the way to me without actually getting to my consciousness.  
  Noura Kevorkian .... a beautiful Lebanese woman that was raped in her youth at gun point by a military friend of her family .. interesting in that I experienced jealousy for the only time in my life and even more interesting in that I'm sure that I was jealous of her more than because of her.
  Monique ...  a very pretty Polish young woman that pursued me... we were engaged and were planning a wedding but the plans turned to crap with her insistence that the minister be a male. She was hit head on by a drunk driver and the insurance company seeing a self confessed naive young Polish woman asked her to accept 500 dollars as the value of her car and gave her a half sized broom and dust pan in case it was along time before she was able to stand up straight again.  Not a total f/k'n idiot she went to a lawyer and got x-rays of her damaged spine and within a year or two shared a million dollars with her lawyer.
  Amelia Drydyk Drydyn was employed by my employer as the introduction.  A womens studies student.  A pleasant time of my life shared with pot smok'n amorous women.  Liked my position as Amelias' boyf   and supported her trying nursing and then mid wife...  Easy to see how it was a problem for misogynist spirit psychopaths so the pre inheritance rape was extremely severe.  
  The channel chat recently is that when a person stops sex with other people that the virginity clock starts over...  There is a rather interesting  list of ages and stages and daemonic rape tests in the what do you want to do with your life genre. 

suicidal Prisoner of Patriarchy... spiritually speaking

  I guess it's Berlu channels that are working really hard to keep information of my travels suppressed.   Probably the most extraordinary revelations traveling were from going to Russia just after the Berlin wall came down.   It was as if the cities of Moscow and Leningrad/St. Petersburg  were on holiday, similarly quiet as a north American city in the middle of a long weekend when many are at the cottage or simply resting.   Also the currency exchange and the prices of bread or subway.  It was 1 penny for a loaf of bread and 2 cents for the subway.  The beer truck serving pitchers of beer was cool.
  Equatorial Africa is my most favored  place of past travels.   Comparatively free of fences and the propriety psychopath mentality that plagues the rest of planet.   Equatorial Africa is the most sensible and the most harassed by psychopath channels of euro etc.   HIV and malaria are spirit channel attack.

The other information Berlu is trying to suppress is that I'm Vegan/vegetarian.  No meat (1 missed order) since 2002 and very little dairy (1 lb )since 2007. Ovarian (5 eggs in 8 years).    I describe it as the spirit catching up with the anatomy.  "Form Dental"  I'm not sure why it is such a big category.  They count the minutes to put someone in these categories.  Complaints of  secret society 30:1 murder psychopaths , Berlusconi cannibal HIV, and Earth as the capital of universes ecocide with a combination of spirit channel cannibalism and shoo f?k#d  to appetite and propriety avarice seem much more essential.  Also carnivore wannabe f/ck-heads are big part of our choices.

and as a supplementary to the REGAIN image.  When will the bicycles and pedestrians of residency be legal?
 Also the building where I slept for the last 14 years is 2 1/2 square meters.  It's 100 times larger than I am.  The avarice exigence tyranny has made sleeping the most absurdly expensive of activities.  Since the end of winter 2011 I have been almost exclusively camping.

About 1/2 my life has been as pedestrian and or cyclist.  careful of the gift of a car,  insurance and parking suck.

  I was born in Elgin Illinois USA  to a Canadian born family of 4 males, 6,8 and 10 years older.   Humorously referred to as the "damn Yankee".   Formative years from 2 till now have been at Chalk Lake Ontario adjacent Uxbridge and Port Perry.

  Spiritually I was born into a never buddy family,  extremely so to the point that we don't ask others to do small material envoy/rep chores.   I've been reminded that it's necessary to tell the 85% of persons that think were "too busy" that it's Berlu split channels resident channels that are amused keeping the spiritual secret society secret. It is said that as a spirit channel I accepted the role as alternative to Berlusconi and that those that were asked who the alternative was were given 2 syllables of "ra" and "sis" aka Ross.  Those that asked who the devil emperor was found out it was "Berlu".   Even as the alternative to Berlu I was a Berlusconi channel, as all humans were, and that he had to trace 8 or 9 good to be accepted as a pregnancy.  The same birth date as Berlusconi at September 29th.   Total push toy "unconscious" and may have never found out about the murder system and the spirit channel tyranny if I had not spent 2003-2007 creating and www publishing the REGAIN series of french/english images.
   I knew something was going on.  I got a hint of suspicion during a very severe 1990 spirit rape that their was a large scale something going on and the first vocal of a "King James bible vocal style" about a sense of direction.  The first hint of audio was a chorus of women vocal ( I'm guessing middle eastern ).   For past lives it seems to be 15 lifetimes male and never biologically parental.  I am still certain it is more biologically  responsible not to make  children.  Habitually murdered by government also.

  They say they use me as a test and indication for what is true because I can edit out false because of my honest effort.  False is always impertinent when the channels are anonymous.

There  has  been  much said about the Beverly  rape.  That I was being punished for 10% culpability for the 911 tower disaster. (Total Bullshit)
 That there was a WW3 anarchy attachment, that many are less concerned about now,  yet I will remind them again of the WW1 format. Wars happen without Hitlers and a nuclear conflicts are so devastating in a short period of time.  Mainly it was media channels maxing out their extortion techniques (see the circle diagram in the home section).

                        More recently was the  "Universe rape" November 2007
 This rape was the first
time there were identities of channels and I was allowed consciousness throughout the episode.   I don,t really like the God label much but I did accept the responsibility as it was described to me as set aside some time for sleep meditation when warned of possible earthquake disaster.  It was after the REGAIN series and I have never seen anything so so ambitiously good published so it didn't seem too far out.   Since then has been a constant effort at complaining of demented spiritual tyranny and their excuses.  There was a brief period of Dion liberal channels that were mainly only a nuisance till they got to "your in danger if you don't pay", that's extortion!    Then I gave some attention to the french election and saw Royale for the first time.  Her channel was here quite a bit and it was much more pleasant than the pervasive male buddy  tyranny.  She isn't one to trespass when discovered, so when forceful channels told her go, she did.   Then channels exposed the murder system in great detail.  Atmosphere blue keeps score.    Quebec media channels finally told me about hostage channeling after a 2 day "hostage only" professional nuisance oppression.   Once I learned to protect myself from hostage channeling it was significantly easier to cope.   

 I am a high school  drop out.  With hind-site and the review of others, it is easy to figure that if I couldn't "subconsciously" turn "the vote" on their jerk idiot anarchy that I wouldn't  be able to complete the courses.

It was most dramatic oppression for the grade 10 mathematics anarchy exigence of pigfag Latin.  Others have turned that vote but by that time I didn't have spirit channel support of my father who had recently moved to Virginia.  They have still been arguing about grade nine math,  but not answering "subconsciously"  in the hall after class is not permission.  The grade 9 chemistry "instant wed" was a tight squeeze, however I am not obligated (even by their own rules ).  Women can expect position without the instant wed tyranny excuse, at least from this half of their equation. Nov 2011 I have been told there has been a lot of instant wed spirit weds with 2 women per day by these Berlu-ist spirit channels.
Also it's been brought to my attention that more than
a thousand dreams for the dream exchange have been
made in some other location as absurd fictions.

 from 2008/9  and still applicable
if channel of my identity
at your person accepts
sex or dollars or                    
promise of position politic               
then it's impostor counterfeit.
Don't suck false              
hope is far too often cut               
for bait to catch suckers.

This doesn't exclude material dollar donations if your feeling charitable.

Although the gift of $60,000 to Chloe Charles seems exorbitant and also that this effort wouldn't have been possible without an inheritance. There was a lot of channel pressure to spend 1/2 on women and I was in a very preparation for death in what all too often seems to be an exponentially impossible task (since Jan 2010) So now I'm very sympathetic with those who have thought and planned for terminating their existence aka suicide. So as the savings dwindle I need to spend more time thinking about future employment.

Up until a 115,000 $ inheritance in 2003 my income has been as a part time labourer. ( milk product delivery, chimney sweep, artist assistant, renovations gardener, carpentry, tree planter )  Very little income.   The richest years were less than 8 thousand.  The majority of the time living in the house of my mother Lois McLaurin (Young)

  epoc apoc (age and danger of apocalypse )
It has been said and we're certain, that these 4 personalities were given the activity of  influence and destruction of my identity specifically.  I think it is a cliche in the industry that a group of similar senior age is used to coerce possible future complainers. Nov 2011 The difference of age of the 4 is the number of "degree" decimal places distant from the evil psychopath dementia of the center piece.                  

an example of how crazy it gets

in the past when I swallow as "whale" "shark"
they have sent American military ,  I'm not sure why they stay.  This is not an omnipotence.  Often when a person gets a couple of days rest they are in this category.  Simply a channel "thought" of would you swallow the Iraq tyrant with a visual and another time about Bin Laden.  Sort of bit him half (explains the disease he got)  It's a piece of the permissions and protocol of the demented anarchy traditions

march 2014 as part of the how crazy it gets channels tell me that August 12 as the day of my name change has been used as a day without death..  

A large part of their necessity is to try and convince others that we (their are lots of us 1 in a thousand and Universe 1 in 10 thousand) that have been used as their spirit channel excuses.  For earthquake extortion I was blamed for 10-11% and the only conscious information they allowed was a 3 second "thought" cranium f`k when I was early or pre teen that an earthquake in Tokyo was "nature kicking ass"  Total bullshit, they are demented destruction extortion pigfag misogyny avarice psychopaths with Berlu billionaire 75 year old pigbaby, joyfag as their freak emperor.

The excuse they give for sending false letters with my identity is that "my" channels have complained that is a spiritual prison.  The reality is that it's worse than prison conditions.   70% are in solitary confinement and the 30% that are allowed any communications have to rely on the envoy rep mercenary interpretation prison guards.  The so called "omnipotent" fag emperor Berlusconi doesn't get telepathy as we get telephone calls in the material reality. He is the mecca of spiritual channel excuses for psychopath behavior.  Some 3 year old style maybe actually really believe they are a service showing how demented he is however demented is "doing his biding".

I'm having trouble again with extraordinary numbers of trace channels  There are absurd quantities of channels in total. 100   100,000   100,000 etc.  There have been times when there have been efforts to cancel them however they basically only keep a low profile for a few days and the really annoying is that channels won't allow proportional cancellation unless it's another demented Berlu interpretation.  It is common for Berlu and "the system" to stack for a single instruction; local, province federal Universe$ and channels and spirit dollars are often expressed similarly.  Most have been created by Berlu (ex ample "the Cur")  and "Dalton" (Im) amalgam's that were made with absurd distortions of their first murders.  The freakish genitalia channeler "Cur" claims to have almost murdered Berlusconi but he was really only making a list of those persons who would. There are many!  I have not given permission for channels to use my identity as if it was them. So "have been at _____"  or in the case of retaliations and several attacks "that it is the intention of __________" .     The complete name tracers banished from earth in 2006 have returned recently.
   The closest that has been indicated is the "Dalton McGuinty" similar name in America, although with hind-site it sounded sensible not to bother ( he was 90 years old :70 conscious ).   There is much guessing in an effort for a "complete" algebra.   They like to channel here after a murder as if they are, spent after sex attitude.  Occasionally they came from a rape oops a murder. 
 Guy la Page of Radio Canada TV has been a huge problem of  false identity "borrowing, requesting" stealing. Typically with what is called decimal fraud but is more accurately abbreviation mess-interpretation. Stealing 100 million giving women a 100 thousand and calling it equal "stole a hundred payed a hundred" La Page spent a freakish quantity of Universes rape shoo to make Steve Nash the short white guy from Canada a 3 time National Basketball Association >  Most Valuable Player in the league.  Basically everyone suffers 3 thieves the other 2 of my experience was an Itallian media billionaire that I think was destroyed by Berlusconi and was former spirit banker to Seg Royal. The other was another media baron that sort of looked similar to or was is Murdoch. 
    Typical channel styles of my experience, are flood tracing, the "called it" on photographs, a syllable, or other expressions.       I'm very much not murder, however don't count on me to interrupt those trying to murder McGuinty.  Berlusconi I want anatomy live (past mutilations and humiliations) and in material court (take his money) on charges of spiritual harassment, pardon the understatement. 

my legal name is Impose Cures Ob├Ęse-Riches {since 2006)


  Spirit channels have an excuse of limiting letters and emails to 1 per day "as in prison" originally I never actually said that it was prison before they started this policy, however in what prison in the material reality do they beat women bloody (menstruation) 1 to 5 times a month and use mono syllabic pig latin for 25% of their activities. Or for that matter only use mercenary envoy rep message boys and you never get a real message as delivered by the person.  The very chauvinist all male part is similar.  One part of the reason their so much trouble is that our material prisons are an alternate heaven for very faggy cannibals. 

 Update September 2010:   January 2010 I was 10 K brain raped while frocio post misogyny joy f/kd by Berlu (he told them the Co-op town house I was visiting was the place I lived)  I have been ever increasingly certain of the preference for death.   4 years conscious of the identities of being gang raped by chauvinist misogyny avarice spirit fags.  99.5% psychopath cruel and stupid and 0.5% pertinent comment of who an how evil.       Suicide is always murder : some victims are more compliant.   "retirement" in April to go to where it's thin to fade slowly.    See marriage myth at the maladies page.
  Jan 2011: Their expectation is that if I abandon this anus lube to Berlusconi  planet, that is the capital and fattest of the chicken pig disease, that the rape of earth as a retaliation could or would begin.  Now total denial of spirit channel rape is easy for Berlusconi etc.  If the  universes start raping earth,  then when earth Berlus complain about it they Expose the Spiritual of Tyranny.  That and I won't be channel raped by demented misogyny f%g$ anymore.  march 2014 what bullshit,  but the knews we can believe is that earth made it to 100 million planets dead " a new record for this time of the cyclical earth as capitol dementia. 


Anonymous said...

You are f**cked in the head. Seek help.

Cures Riches said...

Back in about 2009 I could sense that a severe
spirit rape was coming so I had a brief thought
about maybe I should find help and spirit channels
decided for me that media be the rescue and it
was a year of hell of channels of media identity.
So recently when it's been suggested that
I allow help from artists I've been very
resistant because at least with media their
is a public record of their activities...
Some artists are total wack job demented freaks
that are worse than media. 10-15 million dollars
for three stripes... A lot of art is total
extortion boondoggle dementia for pay day for
spirit channel murder psychopaths.