a summary complaint for the summer of 2010.

My legal name is Impose Cures Obèse-Riches since 2006
The necessity is to expose the spiritual of the tyranny.
   It is possible for radios to be extremely simple and
telepathy could be if not for the efforts of spirit channel
omnipotence. A pot full of Hydrogen ignited by spark
goes pop, or ignited by bomb to annihilate a city. It is
the same with spirit channels it depends on how they
spin them. Earthquakes are the extreme of their desire
to maintain their secret society and blame nature. Most
commonly used in response to a group committed to
exposing the secret society idiocies. The Canadian
shield of granite is the sensible location for an attempt
at exposure of the idiocies of spirit tyranny.
   sept 2010 recently Italy and others have been keeping closer watch and listen so he told them that he could cause earthquakes with squeaks and swallows from this anatomy. More true is he could be in a coma with a pickle up his ass and earthquakes to discourage exposure of the secret society would happen automatically from his tyranny distant from earth.
Menstruation is fundamental to their spirit tyranny. Worst
Since 1170 Rome government is two million liters per day
to be spirit fags. Stealing spirit identity of those opposed
to their idiocies for the divide and conquer tyranny. First
introduced to this cycle of this planet 70,000 years ago. It
is quite probable that THE FAG spirit has been waiting for
his human-id fag soldiers for millions of years in a hope to
finally get respect.  09 09 13 update: Every male in political
government has at least 2 liters of menstruation misogyny.  Any male that has
complained about the exigence for more than a month has been outright excluded
from government.
sept 2010  another freakish misogyny is that Berlus and there are many all agreed to try and murder their mothers for a million dollar$ when the mother turned thirty. Doni has decided to extend it 40. Berlusconi changed this effort for his first million to sodomizing to bleeding.

  Another extreme of their quest for omnipotence is the 
absurd spiritual inbreeding. If you were offered an
amalgam creation of the two parents as the new
addition to your family, the spiritual reality is their
emperor channel will amalgam with his spouse.
Angelina Joli was one of those amalgam promises. We
were all created as derivatives of the demented emperor,
Mussolini, Berlusconi or perhaps a few of the new “Doni”
or “la Doni”. (26 university grad, fathers insurance millionaire)
  Berlusconi and Berluism are as evil as all
religious anarchies combined.  It is the number of good
channels he has to trace to be accepted as a pregnancy
that varies.  Catholics that think they are winning with the
hold a channel of the dead relative for future trickery are
really only servicing the emperors avarice. The speculation
for this sort of absurdity is their fascination with the very
large white orb channels often thought of as space ships
that are most similar to the joy to be menstruation spirit
fag@s that blame black and women and nature and god.

  Buddy system , The demented orgy misogyny fag@s,
They are freaks of persistence with their orgy misogyny
fag@ tyranny or you can be a slave to the misogyny orgy
fags. Either way it is going to be misogyny orgy fags.
They are freaks and they say they are “social” as if it
some sort of virtue to be secret society misogyny fag@s.
They try to say it's not a secret as total bullshit. Cell phones
are getting a billion times more respect than we are from
their demented tyranny, They love the “how could it be
good if they can destroy it” excuse. They are
exponentially avarice and idiot to the extreme of
collapsing whole other universes (one at a time) in groups
of seven per life time of their pig emperor. They try to
call themselves monitors, just in case something didn't
want to be a pigfag. They are murder psychopaths in
search of the “script” and who they going to trace or f/k
in the head for their fag joy avarice. They actually allow
a little heterosexuality in their murdering.

  Cannibal HIV, the demented hypocrisy of spirit channel
misogyny orgy fags saying they are “getting rid of
promiscuity”. It is rape for “shoo” industry. About 700
channels at a time victim to victim, the chill rape or the
amalgam rape. The persons they use for their conscious
excuses is also an absurd hypocrisy of promiscuity. The
lump on the neck they were using as commencement
may have been the only none promiscuous channels of
their psychopath avarice. The shoo or rape energy they
get is used for pushing athletes, and shoo f/king possible
complaint and those traced for deception into trouble,
of car accidents etc. Berlusconi was paid 35 dollars per
death from Saudi as part of extortion pay with nuclear
missile threat from Jerusalem. In 2010 it is about 6
murders per minute and 3 of 5 murders are black
Africans. They blame black and women and nature and
  Global varieties of buddy system orgy misogyny fag@s
This is a simple incomplete review of the variety of
systems around the globe. It seems to be more fag
buddy exigence as they move out of the worst of deserts
the Sahara, Egypt with 2 other buddies and the glee
“ee” pig Latin. Islam with 3 other buddies for the 4, The 4
buddies for a 5 seems to be wishful thinking folk lore in
America. Jewish 5 for 6, Hindu, Catholic and bible with
6 for the 7. China with the 8 and a group in the Korea
area with a 8 for 9 buddy fag grouping

The HOMO syllabic (pig Latin) label sequence tyranny.
Pig Latin is a fag@ idiot game that amounts to 25% of
the history of governance for the last 30 millennium. In
Catholic and bible it is the ”A's” one pigfag channel with one
label creating another channel or person with the
subsequent label often as a secret. The biggest
nuisance in my experience is the GA channel making my
activities of complaint LA (law) so the idiots can use
complaint a their excuse for idiot behaviour. The TA DA is
a similar nuisance.
  The fact it actually has effect, is perturbing and I don't
know how else to describe it other than if the pass word
to open an account is an absurd question it still opens
the account.
  In Egypt they have the “ee's”; in India they have the
“I's”, in China they have the “oo's”, Northern Europe they
have the “O's”
  On top of “A's” there are the “ed's”: a similar disease
  “A's” is insisted as Anarchy exigence in grade 10
mathematics although for spirit channeling it is seen in much
younger individuals.

Hostage channeling
The knowledge of hostage channeling is perhaps the
most valuable necessity in protecting ourselves from the
pigs of influence. The basic principle is that a channel is
held usually in the stomach of a person to influence
activities or to simply suck energy or a style of identity.
Atmosphere blue is the highest global expression of
hostage holding technique. Obviously in “heaven” they
are holding channels within channels to suck. Don't
assume that all pot bellied persons are conscious
hostage holders. We are all victims of at least one
channel in the brain or elsewhere giving instructions to
other parts of the anatomy. Beards (shaved or not) are
an expression of hostage holding the channels of
communion (Jesus channel reincarnation) trickery.
Women traditionally hold channels hostage in their
scalps angry at the brain tracing.

The "East Indian" &Catholic murder system
7 buddies
X 4 groups 13 are hostage channelers
2 others &
1 of family

The orchestrater channel is radio head for excuses that previously channeled to the person that  is the "script" to over see the creation of the script.  The most extraordinary aspect to this is how Silvio Berlusconi as the daemonic emperor is the only orchestrater murder channeler in all of political governance globally.  The other orchastraters  seem to be typically Media interviewer males that so far seem Berlu-esque visually. One development in recent years is the daemonic changing the orchatrators from the typical buddy exigence to discouraging them from having buddies.   So far the big murder seems to be in government and that government channels use the real names and also listen and look for each name having another quantity and group of murder.    If a person has extraordinary position with only 3 murders it is most probably a "triple" aka murdered 3 good.  There is a wide variety of catholic agent channels with a variety of  responses specific to the style of their 7 murders. For example in response to questions of murder; "not" murdered northern European
"absolutely not"  murdered black "never" east Indian "none" Jewish.  Some actually stopped murdering at 7 yet many or most continued murdering as hostage or camouflage.  Outside of politics a good place to start guessing how much murder is > one per 10 thousand dollars above a 35,000 dollar income.  This sort of  guessing is about the successful ones.  For each of these there are 6 loser buddies that murdered for a tenth of that if they were lucky enough to get that much.   These references are about typical generalities and there are exceptions such as already participated in military conflict. Typically murder takes about a month with tears as a preliminary excuse.  If you experience a black and white or muted colour dream where you sense murder it is an opportunity to interrupt the script. Sometimes if you listen to a persons life experience stories for a 1/2 hour or so, you will experience one of the these deflected dream scripts as "the shrink".
march 2014 the Roman C portion of a hundred channels is 5 groups of 7 , others, and the family channel can be an in-law 40 channel total ... the Italian is another 30 channels wherein this part of the world within 20 paces of an Italian can put them in the family excuse.  Why am I still alive?  Hush money extortion.  A lot of channels get freakishly rich making sure that I am almost totally ignored.

The Islam system is 7 groups of 4 buddies

Beards, one part how could Berlus play “called it “ as
pedophiles if their origin didn't shave (it is an easy play
for them in a different language and society) and one
part their attitude of that annoying Moses “Mo” that
didn't like slavery and had the nerve to say “NO”. Many
Catholics would rather tear the bible in half, although
they do seem to find a “no” for questions as “rich
enough?” and so on. He does like spilling food to say
he's Jewish. The main beard and women thing is their
channeling into the mouth for the "straight from the
mouth of "...  and the instant Jesus channel most often used
to flip a "table" (form of information).

  All I can be certain of is cruelty misogyny f/k head fags
and their promises of “almost” as synonymous to never
(any sensible outcome) it was less hell as ignorant push
toy slave to demented avarice than certain and non
compliant. They are freakishly obsessed with the necessity
of exponential certainty of the death of biology on earth.
Sometimes they allow the thought for about an hr and then
crank it back to exponential, but even their definition of not
dead future for biology was an absurd allowing one or two to
complain. As I've published web-style many times before,
since Jan 2010, I would rather be dead than more f/ked in
the head by Berluism misogyny pigfags. They persistently
insist that they are not fag@s even though they
love beating women bloody to f/k men in the head, or
vicinity. Then they insist they are working to defeat their
enemy, of non misogyny heterosexual sensibility. We
don't dare try saying morality cause the freak idiot
pigfags that think their spirit channels and sperm are so
very precious that any attempt to interrupt should be
thought of as murder. My facebook account
was canceled cause they were to busy protecting the
“kill the prostitute so you don”t have to pay” site. Have
they put Robert Pickton on their board of directors yet?

   Flood tracing
In my experience it is felt as electro-flow out of the
palms of my hands and soles of my feet. Scratching is
one of their excuses for flooding. They are usually
supposed to take or steal the identity of a person and in
my experience they are flooded in to accept instructions
in pig Latin or Italian. There is a tradition of selling
anarchy as the savior system for creating less government
but the reality is that Anarchy is and becomes the
government as it has always been. They have tried to
say that my rejection of the flood system is a rejection of
wars as a method of resolution. Yes and certainly not

Basically if they miss a UN sanctioned election then send in the troops, As with their spirit channel fag tyranny it is the lengthy occupation and propriety that is pig evil. If they are not unpopular in their nation then the work is in the convincing with language attachments to any import.   Please not insist on the demo crazy racy. Secret vote for governance blended with secret vote of governors as an indicator of their collective conscience adjacent to their public vote is a sensibility worth trying. Providing it wasn't so much secret society of f/k heads that give cell phones a billion times more respect than we.

  F/king others in the head to stupidity is one of their
favorite excuses. So if anything stupid or evil ever
happens in the material ask how large and professional
the rape team were.  It,s usually 30 as in the murder
system however sometimes it is triple shift and heavily
planned and scripted with safe houses for uninterrupted
f/k heads as hostage channelers.   Adjacent rapes at the
other personalities that might interrupt and so on. For the
Beverly rape of 2002 it was all of the above for 1 month
and extended for 4 days, They spent at least 800,000
dollars material all based on tracers using my identity to
f/k political personalities in the head to get pay to f/k
me in the head.
   I think it was in 2008 they offered 2,500 dollars as part of
a Sobeys CSIS prize draw as hush money, The similar
amount one of their adjacent f/k toys got in preparation
for several times taking PCP in meditation before reading
questionnaire “scripts”. The later was under the guise of
a drug research program.

Part of the trickery of these cyclical false identity formats is the crapping of a personality trait (often called making the victim baby sit) while they rape a quality to impress their friends.
  Berlus have been the circle wheel extortion trickery on an inter galactic and multiple 30 and 70 universe scale so he is basically working this planet and all the other ones. This one is the worst suck. It's a matter of seconds for him to spin an intergalactic threat of murder.
Sept 2010 The rape "exchange","invitation" from and for the Berluism of our planet earth amounts to the complete death by rape of 8 planets per day because off the conscious activities of persons of earth.

  The worst of his split channel behaviour has been
collapsing universes one at a time (seven per lifetime)
creating a black hole to suck it through to another
dimension.   It is another tyranny for extortion.  With
continued effort it is possible to trim the quantity of
destruction to less than four in this incarnation of the
demented pig.

  Demented fag tyranny was not invented here on earth.
However this planet is the worst of universes since 1900.
The danger of telling them how long before we are the
rape toy of another planet is that they will wait until then
to try and defeat their “enemy”. The probability is that
with a fusion reactor desalinization factory. It will
become a universe Auschwitz eating smaller and smaller
krill burgers that they suck out of the ocean that they will
have to burn off 6/7 the H2O to satisfy universes that it
won't become the demented tyrant again. Hydrogen
and Oxygen both burn and fusion is (pardon the under
statement) HOT.   Might get 70,000 years of fag-Nazi
cruelty out of it.
  Or they could cancel the secret society tyranny of
demented misogyny cruel avarice spirit channeling and
fix it. I might as explain their pig idiot alternate is to
spend more effort on weapons for a planetary suicide so
that the demented blue planet will reign again as the
pignipotent of universes.

Or we could cancel the secret society tyranny of
demented misogyny cruel avarice spirit channeling and fix it. The usual is they prefer the bullshit of their pig emperor, or some other GA with idiot promises.   Or they could cancel the secret society tyranny of demented misogyny cruel avarice spirit channeling and fix it. Their fag emperor gave them silent tutorial review on how to be an adhesion fag. Their idiocy is if it complains it is their enemy and then to kill it as adhesion fags for false identity misogyny, simple as that. Fags of death. Or they could cancel the secret society tyranny of demented misogyny cruel avarice spirit channeling and fix it.
  Often the person publishing on the web, needs a
permission channel when stuck during an effort.
Channels will get a chance to live much longer as
something other than cruelty in an effort to death (“win”)

Anarchy attachments and demented misogyny fag@s
  It's how they blame the victims for their demented
behaviour. Demented is not overstated, remember that
they beat women bloody to be adhesion fag@s to steal
identity to beat women bloody, and they think their
misogyny fagism is heterosexual. Menstruation adhesion
fags is their fundamental behaviour and after that
justification they only get more and more compounded
demented, Their adhesion fag@ to be menstruation is so
fundamental to their psyche that it is more probable that
they will have to remind themselves of spiritual appetite
before they forget to be misogyny. Not as pronounced
with Doni yet. He hasn't been dead by wed.”till death
do they part” ceremony.
  Back to anarchy attachment explanation. Simply they
almost always secretly “you weren't listening” cruelty
they put their excuses for their behaviour on some
behaviour foreign to their lifestyle. The more mundane
and sensible the more cruel their attachment activity
and invariably they choose to destroy either the material
associated with or the amelioration behaviour. They still
like to think that they are part of renovation as
destroyers, but they are “called it” propriety on other
persons and only ever destroy. Freakishly harassing
someone with their misogyny fag@ism until they fix the
mess that the demented made is not amelioration.
Pardon the grossly obvious to 70% of the population
morality, however government and so on are created
by the evil to make excuses for evil. Don't let them say
authority is evil, there are many good well intentioned
parents, and comparative to media teachers out there.

sept 2010 berlu it's worse   they're planning the collapse of all universes for extortion
they're the threat for extortion and they really never get the respect they're after
cause they're such demented frocio porcos, so they...
the Royale channel thinks that science has to measure universes (plural) first or that they berlu doni's
will be restricted. and Berlu thinks that all he needs is a name or title for, so far "cola" or "fe".
It's seems to be can they map within a brain.  Berlu Muso and so on split channels have already been collapsing other universes for extortion.

  For those that  hate the lack of anger in my descriptions they can listen to my angry Youtube expressions.   The angry Youtube videos &$@#!* are about a 100th of the oral anger and a thousandth of the thought anger