school Anarchy

Spiritual hind site   : not conscious at the time
Most or all of these spirit anarchy exigence tyranny results from thoughts expressed by religious personalities of the past about sensibilities for the material reality.
and were turned into excuses for demented mercenary interpretation spiritual reality.
  In my experience:  the they want to stay 2 days law.  Intended for remote villages of material reality where it's 2 days walk to the nearest village in search of a spouse.  That spirit channels in a reality where it's usually 8 seconds anywhere on earth want the same fag sticky excuse.
  It's basically roaming spirit Nazi channels that crania f/k the class into a vote. Often if they didn't get the vote the first time they tried again    Many of these votes were actually a sensible outcome because a person in the class had powerful parents of significantly less evil.  I was able to survive and we easily turned the vote until public high school when my father had been crania f/ked out of the region and then country. Distance education allowed a vote between teacher and student but the rape after grade 10 math was very freakish. The hind site is that they offered the future psychic control of professional sport teams ( sort of thing Berlus are into ) if I would accept their demented fag Latin idiocy.   These persons that have turned the votes in an effort for sensibilities are often those murdered for the triple (murdered 3 good). (cautionary not all those with 3 are triples)

a brief outline:
Grade 1   attention as permission The sensible interpretation is that if a person gives attention that you might realistically expect to try a conversation. The spiritual reality is channels as "called it" on objects for opportunities at trespassing.

Grade 2   the automatic inversions. The teacher describes the opportunity to ask a question and many of the students have the thought "inversions" consciously placed in their brain. In classes where there is an objection there is often a vote.

 grade 3  the 2 years till court.

grade 4
amalgam is often used in communal situations where other channels don't want the disturbance and it often makes work easier.  

halt/block and elimination                     public and with effort:
of force amalgam                                choice of person
      is toxic camouflage              or        of their anatomy
      from the number                             and their space.
      1 psychopath
      with past attention.

Grade five seems to be about interpretations of prostitution
Grade six seems to be about interpretations about procreation

grade 9 chemistry instant wed

reduction of exigence of spiritual history of insane tyranny school.
complete1: attention as false authority of intrusion of spiritual at person 
complete secondary: false authority of invitation to and for channel 
complete college :  audio of "only cause you said so" pre turn of complaint of spiritual behavior into false permission for spiritual tyranny as persons completed university
Then the necessity of a material complaint

to psychopaths: get real, this pictorial work above doesn't have a halt
block sign on the complaints and shouldn't need one.

The university graduate anarchy attachment of the complaint as the instruction and excuse is basically an automatic GA LA.  So that Berlus that aren't allowed the law label simple push the the label on their enemy that is complaining. For example "Berlusconi is the exponential death of biology."  Was it a complaint or was it an instruction? Don't think that expert fag-Latin spinners can't make you you sense it as either interpretation. Another trick used by young channels that is similar is the rubber/glue from age 7? and is often more devastating with a predetermined deflection.                      

                                  Another is the "now make law" trick.  

 Grade 9 mathematics is the can you complain of avarice.
Grade 10 mathematics is the homo mono syllabic label etiquette sequence tyranny ( fag or pig Latin)
Grade 11 math is the  more of the sex division conquest
I think Grade 12 is the death of biology attachment and 13 is the exponential universes death of biology attachment.
The categories of participation are those that try to turn the vote and are forced out of the class if they fail. That's my experience.  Those that vote no, get their education and find that they don't get proportional employment to those that voted with the psychopaths. Channels say that my brother Bruce was an abstainer.