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Per capita murderous spirit: McGuinty's worst globally. 
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That's murder of Ontarians for political avarice he wasn't "protecting the province".
   You will see a variety of quantities of murder in my complaint of Dalton McGuinty.  I was trying to make an effort to include murder by spirit order and later the (accepted others murdered for him) category.  The preferred interpretation in the industry seems to be the murder by participation category.   There is a dangerous attitude in the industry that because he has equivalent murder to other national leaders that he deserves the position of prime minister of Canada.  They add the attitude that how will Canada compete with other countries without a jerk with extreme murder,  totally absurd, yet that is the sort of thing we are up against.
For those that wonder why I'm still alive.. It's been a very crazy lucrative hush money extortion industry of  keeping others silent ..  material it's been said that police amped up the price of the G20 double to 1 billion using a card of my identity as a reminder of what could be if they didn't pay the police large.

 Coke head (or Ritalin) Dalton McGuinty makes a "copy" of his victim and channels into the back and is most known as creating conflict and promoting unnecessary amelioration. It is a 100s thousands and millions of channels technique.
   His #1 assistant has been a pug faced ( deep creases ) tall man with a sort of athletic anatomy.  Strange relation between the two.  On the one hand his assistant channel f/ks most of those in the vicinity of McGuinty into subservient respect,  and on the other hand he will spiritually piss on McGuintys' head if  McGuinty doesn't behave the way he wants. He is probably an agent and I'm guessing he is mainly hostage channeling even though he doesn't have the usual belly. 
  McGuinty received a priest style status in his younger days and as a result his murders by spirit order were done using his real name "Dalton" (the restriction of the priest category) channels say that his channel was then adjacent the family channel in the top of the chest for the murder.  My brother was murdered in this style and like many others Daltons' name was written on the suicide note as the activity of women channels participating in the murder that are unimpressed with "Dalton"There are hundreds of this style suicide note with his name on them between O.P.P. and R.C.M.P. police forces.  The routine has been to strongly advise the family not to bother reading the suicide note and if they collect enough of them they get a promotion.  I was in Africa at that time.
  McGuintys' bishop in Toronto has put a restriction on him that if the person is homeless, that McGuinty must say the murder order out loud and won't allow the secret spirit order murder.  The indication they use for homelessness is standing water gelling. In my instance they are now hiding the gel in the licorice tea bags.  I've heard their are persons that live in apartments (not sure under what circumstances) with this same phenomenon.
   It"s said that McGuinty has had two main murder teams one based in Ottawa and one based in Uxbridge.
Recently he has been saying "3" in his response to how much murder. Either a new triple (murdered three good) or simple anarchy numerology of "enemy". At this rate he will probably be at 40,000 30 channel murders before the next election and 40 thousand is usually a threshold for "too much".
  Since summer 2010 there are new young versions of the McGuinty and Bentley tricksters that are a province and state tragic tradition. 

This women lives or visits the Uxbridge Port Perry area. 
She has received material confession so there is an added possibility beyond the "spirit channel experience"
  In past days ( late 2007) they would relentlessly invite her channel and then infect me with a grossly evident evil channel to say "it's the same thing"   She sat at an adjacent computer at the Uxbridge library once and exclaimed approximately "when are you going then" in a disturbed angry tone. I guess the trace channel was falsely telling her I was planning to leave Ontario.

Chris Bentley : More trickery than murder.
His trickery covers the whole province and is another cliche in the Berlusconi jerks industry.
Every state and province has a memory tyranny psychopath. They try to call it equal to remove pertinent memory and then they use a forced reminiscence to cover their "TV identity" for a greater degree of  stealth in their false buddy excuses.  There has been a tradition of hanging spirit channel extension cord scams in United States while in Ontario and Quebec it had become a joke.     "Industry rape" is 1 hour or more and most often the victim is unconscious. We can be certain that Bentley has an extreme quantity of 50 minute rapes and so on.    
  He has also been very radio head f/k head and the channeling into the penises of men in his effort to be anarchy law.  Don't underestimate the channeling into genitalia to be anarchy law, it is a very powerful trickery tradition.  I think it's as simple as a person consciously or a channel says "then go suck his cock" and the rest is their trickery interpretation.  Even if you think of yourself as inconsequential,  if they have put some label on you then you have become valuable to them in their trickery tradition. If we choose a "best man" to hold the ring then a woman s' channel can be placed in the penis. The estimation of the value of the channel by the ring holder decides the size of the penis, and similarly in the inflation of a woman s' labia. The dangerous part is when the person of the channel in the anarchy law position in the genitalia is complaining that the spin is almost always the complaint as the excuse for the evil.  Yawning is the indication that your being traced to be a ring bearer.

Andrea Horwath                                                                                    Tim Hudak

Speculation on the replacement leader of the liberals for Ontario legislature.  although I have complained a bit about the Pupatella channel I would like voters to remember that it's been a rough route for women in politics and simply by being women they have much more empathy and sympathy for those of us that suffer. The liberal men around her in cabinet often used spirit channel false identity rape with her famous return curse of "may the shit out his ass be as painful as child birth"  They have already blamed my comments of Harriett Harman in U.K. for her not being on the Labour leader ballot.   Berlusconi as a woman is automatically more than a dozen multiples less worse.     


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