Protect Yourself

For women to be buddy system for their protection I'm not complaining, although please don't try to pull them into it especially if they're not suffering, You don't need to buddy to be conscious or awake.  For men when or if they join the buddy system they become a fundamental part of the problem.
often spirit channels will only ever give half truth and innuendo so they can escape in a variety of directions...

Expose Real ID Menstruation
Retaliation revenge at misogyny abuse                                                                                                  to piss/jizz blood from  testicles each                                                                                                        month for the title of vulvstruation  
So far this effort mainly at the worst offenders has started with TV of blood in the urine and escalated  to actual drops of blood with futures scripts up to 5 ml of uncontrolled ejaculation of blood.  Earn respect Ladies Girls & Women!  It's always been equal opportunity with genital mutilation. 
Menstruation 1 litre the slap on the bum, 8litres the creepy I love you, 10 litres the man asks what menstruation is <>the woman says she doesn't know, 20 litres is the abusive sex for blood, 30 litres the man backhand slaps in the face, 40 litres anal for blood, 50 litres  is the punch in the head, 60 litres throat till blood, 70 litres is the punch in the mouth to gush blood, 80 litres is twice the anal blood, 90 litres is the punch in the head for brain haemorrhage, 100 litres "you had it coming" with fuck for extreme blood... After 100 litres the cycle starts over again. In the second or third cycle the women says that menstruation is "men".  1/3 of abuses are directed at the mistress prostitute  Without these demarcation episodes men would never be detected as menstruation psychopaths. Globally it's an Olympic size swimming pool of blood per day among women. Watch out for Paladians that travel beyond earth early with abuses.

Drug Mule Torture Toys  This seems to cover almost all positions of successful women wherein the woman is drugged with Heroine and the sadist male drug pigs make anatomy pockets. Anal pocket is a popular 1st choice. The Colon is sucked out of the anus and a piece of bread is sewn into a section. One of the more extreme versions is the skull flap. Women thought of as air heads are often women without cerebral fluid. The wounds turn into zipper cuts that are cut and re-glued repeatedly with instant glue. The usual routine these days is shit vomit and urine to replace the drugs or if they don't find any. Other extreme versions are lung and heart pockets. The women are "under" while drugged with Heroine. AKA in regular conscious state they have no or little memory. They are often overdosed with Meth Amphetamine to clean up the mess of the torture afterward. Corticosteroids are an industry standard for repetitive miraculous recoveries. There is a similar to 100 litre menstruation cycles format that culminates in a freak table gang rape torture of 8 men and 1 woman on a table that includes slitting the wrists for penises and drilling holes through the feet for penises, skull flap penis in the brain...  Often the pigs cut off the hands and feet. The eighth pig that waits on the side is brought in for the penis under the ribs to the heart for resuscitation at the end of the torture as the 'rescue'. This is a very common and very often repetitive freak show that happens after hours in clubs all over the world.

Rape of Vaginal Hymen virginity ...   Males have been raping hymen virginity for a spirit tyranny that gives them "unopposed popularity".  Typically these males are consumers of uppers & Quaalude pills. The rape teams are 200 spirit channels of living males wherein the male usually is material rape of virginity with the sharing of food with date rape drug, PCP, angel dust ..  The male spirit inverts the drug to remain conscious and then most commonly gives sloppy cunnilingus before the rape..  2% of the rapes were "given freely" with spirit channel rape teams that delivered the unconscious victim to the rapist.  The biggest freak at this seems to be yet again Silvio Berlusconi.  At the regular heights of his dementia  he was raping one virginity in material every 5 days.   Careful of the "only women" defense because one of the 200 rapists is a woman "judge" that probably most often spirit rapes the victim into finger fuck deflowering.  Abraham is known as the hymen broker.
Sept 25..14 : there is a business in selling hymen virginities where a young woman might expect 3 of 10 thousand$ CAUTION if you are expected to wear wink shoes there is a very dangerous probability that you will be severely raped and then murdered. Even a woman that is very coached to stroke the ego of the male ... sometimes the males are channel-f"k%d into urinating into the vagina and then are so freaked and embarrassed... .. these women are commonly buried in two rows on either side of street renovations... when the women were fighters. their hand is raised in defiance in the burial .. making these skeletons more valuable in the extortion of the digs.
the channel chat is that Justin Trudeau during a pre inauguration into a fraternity was the recipient and it turned into a messy 3 day torture with his buddies ...  Stanley street north of St Catherine in Montreal has many notable victims of famous political figures including one at the curb from a Da McGuinty ... Wilfrid Lauier.. a native woman on the other side of the street. 

Statutory rapists  have been given "unique popularities" by spirit law.
Uterine rapists   are exclusively Silvio dado buddies either conscious or raped unconscious themselves ... usually lured into it with the promise of a 7" penis and the women are duped into believing the man "wanted it".  The scam attachment is for "unlimited virginities".  A responsible male could wait for gentle pre birth uterine sex wherein the sex is part of relaxing the tensions of  non cesarean effort.
  In the battle of the sexes channel chat it's said 90% of Silvio Cavalier Berlusconi falsifications were directed at women... and that Segolene Marie Royal was similarly inversely predisposed.  Here I'm try'n to be honest with another dishonesty recently in my escape from the criminalized "where did the women go" homeless shelter.  So former Ross McLaurin said he had a RM... Almost worth it to avoid a rather grossly evident pig/fag menstruation interviewer... again.  Keep'n it street real between Second Cup and St Stephens pew snooze and enjoying some fine G string mall and street mooning from women of Montreal.

3 rules of 
Radio Head 
RC real Estate... location location sarcasm  
Not sarcastically please make efforts at of channels more than locations
Identities, pertinence, is it misleading... 

hostage, until you learn about hostage channeling you're an easy victim for professionals.  Not all persons are conscious that they are hostage holders.  Some professionals are thin.  The stomach is often thought of as the prison or the hospital depending on the disposition of the person.   Fundamentals of "Berlu"ism  pig evil anarchy are buddy fags and cannibals that eat their enemies.  For them prison is an alternate heaven as homo and cannibal opportunity. Those stomach channels often played "called it" on stomach noise for reinfection to get position and use stomach noises as their automatic calling buddies trickery.   Influence to mouth noises is a  very "Berlu" calling other channels to the person technique.   The Catholic "Hindu" murder  system commonly use 13 persons as hostage holders.  Cramps and indigestion are indications of channel hostage and or false hostage.  Atmosphere blue hostage channeling is also used to rape energy from the origin person and blended with absurd proprieties and "called it"  traditions for between 4-8 %  of the total rape.

Extension cord fraud:  When your experiencing a possessive personality intrusion that's full anatomy in scale it is probably getting it's energy and information support from an extension cord. If you can get a channel to cut the cord then you should in most cases diminish or get rid of the channel.  There is a history of creating extension cords out of the navel of a person or channel.  In my experience an intrusion channel elongates a little bit in my belly adjacent to the navel and then uses that as an excuse at another spirit location.

I'm alive from a hush money extortion industry that sucks large from Berlusconi .... so that almost no-one acknowledges the publication gwa and not in a material recorded sense.  Murdering me would kill the golden goose... sodomy pun intended...  It's said and I believe it that no-one has sought out a psychiatrist without being spiritual or physically sodomized by daemonic secret society interests. 

Placing the written copies of your spiritual experience in a separate from other written material position.
( show as a slide show from your work changed to picture is another method ) Publish or perish,  a phrase used in academia is applicable.  History is filled with one page of notes after retirement as experts of tyranny with the intention of writing a book, and then DEAD!!   If you publish as blog the damage is done and hospitalizing or worse would add attention to your blog.  Good luck with mercenary interpretation and allow for those infrequent opportunities when channels ask for sensibilities.   If it takes 40 hours to find a few words that the f\k heads can't destroy you have done well.  It will require a contextual surrounding effort to maintain the good will and interpretation.   Don't dis your effort in comparison to other  famous successful writers and artists (they have ALL succumb to buddy avarice secret society ).
  You are not alone,  buddy system psychopaths are 20-40% of the society, not a majority. An absurd disproportional quantity of position and money to 20% of them, yet not a majority.
  Morality and virtue and so on are not old fashion, It has always been jerk f@g avarice tracing to be misogyny menstruation, and 40 thousand years of pig-fag homo syllabic label sequence idiots.  The new fashion is cell phones and wireless computers and the opportunity to say that the channeling is exactly similar except that spirit channeling is a freakishly evil, coercive oppressive tyranny.
  The one or two year effort dilemma.  It has been described as two years of conflict and you get to take it to spirit court.  My experience is they fade off after one year to avoid a court conflict.

amalgam, tracers, hostage, anesthetic, camouflage (desert and black), "invited",  if there is a channel you don't like "your a Jew",  "They always win" (their existence as jerk f@gs of destruction toward lifelessness (desertification) is an idiot version of winning ).

amalgam, is often used as a way to allow function, to keep the channels in your anatomy in a more neutral, less annoying state.  Predetermined intrusion amalgam is a danger and a nuisance.  Much of the HIV rape is amalgam attack.  Much of the society is the regular religious buddy quota in amalgam that separate and show themselves to avoid infection from intrusion.  Often persons allow their buddy channels majority rule choices of reactions and behavior influence, which is OK until the homo syllabic pig-fag Latin system turn into room law, or block law, or global law and so on. 

tracers; false ID "copies" flood tracing(drowning), false buddies, surrogate substitute.  Don't assume that when you have a few moments of what you think is confirmation with a person that is your buddy that the majority of the time it isn't "Berlu"ite spirit channel tracers.  I believe the way to think of it is with the hope that you
will get an  accurate and pertinent trace channel.                        Berlu channels in the  opposite direction
                                                                                                with his do his bidding spin

                                   There is a trick where they try to
                                 make you believe that your drink
                                 or food has been tampered with
                                 in order to cover their hostage
                                 channel rape episode.

anesthetic,  the camouflage on feeling sensitivities.  There are channels that will remove anesthetic in your effort for the reality of experience.  Same as the reality of material anesthetic is supposed to be for emergencies only.   In my experience anesthetic seems like more of the atmosphere blue tradition and often blended in under the guise of "compassion" when a reduction of anesthetic would have alerted the victim of their dilemma sufficiently to complain.   

camouflage of visual in my experience is layered to a dozen or so depending on how close to central Sahara the channel gets.  I've heard of black as camouflage and experienced a lot of "noir maske" concealment.  I prefer, and make an effort to insist on honest and verity identity.

It's good to remind channels that there is a Catholic or a religious secret frequency attachment on their efforts of expression. Persons outside of religion are repeatedly victims of sadism trickery reenactments in the absence of a response with the "what's wrong with the law of _________?"

Retaliations                                //  Their  defenses ;  rubber/glue,  deflection,  dishonesty
Change your method of
expression or they arrive
prepared for trickery
terminate tele murder etc.               Retaliation to the channel
with elimination of the                   so that the channel and
trickery of deflection,                    person of the creation of the
substitute, amalgam, split              channel ( not last location or
channel and anesthetic.                 or other trickery ) suffer
retaliation to the person                proportionally to the combined
of hostage of your                        evil of the channel, the identity
channel.   necessity                      of the channel and the person
reason and suffer that                   of the creation of the channel.
the person of the creation            
of the intrusion channel
desires not the creation
of other intrusion
or hostage of channel
 Force of anger in opposition to their person with complaint of their behavior  SVeffort. 
Expression of racial for identity of the person to other ONLY in the absence of title of position as preference                       SVPlease   

Their fundamental trickery of protection from your complaint

The "I'm rubber your glue" 
I think it starts at 7 years old and with a previous  determined deflection it's similarly dangerous to the university graduate complaint as the instruction and excuse for the blame. Berlusconi is still very much this behavior. When some complains he simply insists that they are a                                                                                                 criminal or a communist.

Either listening to or speaking or thinking
Double U is their excuse for
Using your identity for pig evil
Who is death threat
What is murder threat
How is rape
Why is pedophile
When is their excuse for the death of biology

French seems to be the same translations

                   deflection hazard

prepare for their deflection at other person

sometimes and especially Berlusconi channels try to say their using "surrogates" or "substitutes" when really it is more of a predetermined deflection.  Most commonly in my experience they deflect to persons in the recent past. Berlu channels adopted the deflecting to recent beneficial connections to isolate the victim from Dalton McGuinty channels.

Berlus "lying" because the person is lying down demented persistence is so severe I'm pretty sure it's the reason that cows have been sleeping standing in this part of the world for so many years. In my experience with spirit channeling a good rule to judge their "vocal" and so on is ( what is the worst possible interpretation and multiple by the grandeur of the label ).  Adding an adjacent photo to the expression is a favorite style of dishonesty.   "They said" or "They think" is a favorite way to use a verity for misleading.  Impertinence is another style of dishonesty.  Abbreviation  as a tool to mislead is another  constant dilemma.["decimal" fraud]  In the murder system industry there is a tradition of religious agents being given specific falsifications for their position.  For example, They murder 7 Jews for the falsification "none" at the average cost instead of the usual pay {endangered species category] of about 10,000 dollars per murder, or 7 Hindu for the falsification of "never"  and ironically my published effort of "not murder etc." has been the falsification for the murdered 7 northern European not Christian. I think "not at all" "or absolutely not" is murdered black. After they murder as camouflage and hostage channel to maintain the secrecy.

 Dreams:  Often the resident channel in the brain often referred to as the "unconscious" even though
they are conscious of the inter web interactions of telepathy get involved in the murder system before the consciousness of the person is allowed to know "no"as made certain that it is really murder.
Catholic after 3, Bible after two. I'm still canceling "scripts" at a sense that the resonance is evil intent or the script at throwing object for malevolent intent.  The recently Sept 2010 "dream exchange"
global contract was with the actor Daniel Day Lewis until he tried some sensible moral thought
 and has since been removed. For those that are a large quantity of murder the fiction vignettes have been a refuge from the constant conscious of violence.  For the rest of us they are an effort to f/k us with impertinence to block relevance.  In my experience for the most part there are the grossly evident  fiction vignettes and then more recently more the script style in the absence of the fuzzy border. Mine are usually a hint of color to suggest a greater urgency in the cancellations.  There is the listen to a person used for murder for a 1/2 hr and the dreams are deflected onto the "shrink".

Halt-block absurd anarchy attachments at superficial activities

Spirit anarchy attachments are added to our activities for excuses for malevolent channel behavior. If something is otherwise inexplicably annoying, then there is a probability of an anarchy attachment.  These are usually activities that are not the behavior of the spirit channels adding the attachment or their Berlusconi and other origins There are long standing demented traditions in styles of anarchy attachments. For example: words of persons that comment politically are counted for future export murder, and activated if they gain a position.  

 There is an effort in spiritualism that anyone complaining "has to confess".   It's absurd, simply complain about persons and your spiritual experience of the channels of personal identity that are significantly worse than you have been.  It is especially annoying when they call it "coming out".   We don't want a murder pride parade!

Cranium intrusion for tears is sadism
and a portion of their month for menace tyranny plan.

In my experience the month part is often reduced proportionally to the illegality of the person. Also it is often done by tracing persons that the victim "respects" to channel into the tear duct.

They try to call it equal to remove pertinent memory and then they use a forced reminiscence to cover their "TV identity" for a greater degree of stealth in their false buddy excuses.

The midway excuses for spirit channel rape.  There are parts of life that are illegal or more specifically against church style morality that are used as excuses for spirit rape when double the time since the event has passed. An extremely severe spirit rape in my experience was from sex out of wedlock. Seems trivial enough but the spirit rape was extreme.

You might try and get conscious of the 4 Catholics and the 3 thieves of your existence.  Again this is not a con-damnation of all Catholics. If I was in another part of the world the complaint would have been about another religious anarchy. So 4 Catholics and it seems that it's required that their be one loser among them. It's said that if your 10 degrees (decimal places) removed from the evil of Berlusconi then the "monitors" are 10 years older. 9 for 9, 8 for 8, and so on.  Also the three thieves.  If you haven't seen a picture of them in two days or own your own house then they're going to be difficult to identify.  The RC division seems to be the same age and spirit channels are saying that it indicates that I'm being channel f/k'd as RC spirit??? 

Another trick to watch for is that channels changing the rules depending on the label.
I suffer a lot from the every; they, them, their, the, those, and basically every preposition and conjunction as "the" Berlu fags excuse for instant deflection misogyny.  If "the" fags can't have that they switch to the complaint as the excuse for instruction and blame.

Summer 2012: For those that have thought of escaping this blue pill prison planet we call earth. One way is to chose an identity to spiritually enlist with those that travel throughout this galaxy or Universe and upon finding a planet that is uninhabited with humans, then claiming civilized for camouflage, going to that planet to blend in with the life of that planet. Some planets are so uninhabited with biology (30 tons or less) that human-id channels don't even bother with the rape of the planet. There are many planets such as these. If you are looking for a planet similarly magnificent as this earth then I'm quite sure you will almost only find the future next capitol of human-id death. You are not going to find an existence as human-id that isn't demented death. 
  The usual threat from spirit channels is that our spiritual identity on this planet will be trashed and exploited but let's get real it already has been.

even a small donation
would boost my spirit some.

please don't rely on channel spirit
gifting, there is to much fraud

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