you hate this song cause of spirit channels
it's a spiritual secret society
you hate this song cause of the attachments
they like to call them spirit contracts
you hate this song cause of  pig latin
the mono syllabic  , etiquette sequence _________

it could be similar to the world wide web
it's a porco latin version of the internet
now most all we get is jerks in the head
adjacent sleep it's dream fiction vignettes

as in any investigation when you expect foul play
to find the the motive    it's follow the money
it's what's the position, _ the power _ the chief

you hate this song cause of porco desire
it's been a spirit channel quest for  omnipotence
you hate this song cause of division conquest
it's been 2 million liters per day (70 million litres  per month? )
menstruation is false ID misogyny
you hate this song cause adhesion frocio
they're dumping their fag on Joe and Mary

you hate this song cause the euro expression
 language is part of his division conquest
you hate this song cause of Berlusconi
he's the number one adhesion psycho fag
they call  them-selves buddy, dado, and mec donc dit
but it's really orgy fag malady of chicken pigs 

you hate this song cause of trace identity
false names, false buddies, and false imagery
flood tracing is another worry-some technique

you hate this song cause earth is the capital
of the chicken pig and ignorant malady
anus lube to a porco in a boot
that hasn't won a war in a thousand years
that's really only almost any excuse
to be part of the frenzy of apathy and avarice

"lyric" seems an appropriate place to dump an embarrassing IDIOT LOSER JOE REPORT

They have tried to call a work I did in the Liberal Canada request format as the first publication. {asking for residency as a requirement for ownership of property} It was sent in letter form and distorted into their demented tradition of persons as empty edifice for spirit channel occupation.  It was in letter form and sent as a confidence to prominent Liberals.  Commonly thought of in the past as the "Pelican Brief " named after the movie in part because of their interpretations of Ms. Chloe Charles.
  It is an avarice exigence tyranny. I was first given permission because I had saved 5000$ and had "a nice place to live" With that permission I made the a fore mentioned "Pelican Brief" and as soon as it was 4999.99$ they canceled permission. Often these categories are satisfied if a parent expresses a similar value to the person or with a spirit banker. With an inheritance of 115,000 I was able to accomplish this effort in 8 years.  With this sort of information about the avarice exigence tyranny traditions I first gave Ms. Charles 15,000$ to get her out of school debt with a 5K surplus. Spirit channel indications have been encouraging and they added that it was the intention of her resident conscious channel in the brain that she desired to be "bigger than" formerly known as Ross.  So with her European tour finished I have given her 45,OOO $.  She is the daughter of Noel Charles and Victoria Richmond { lover and friend during the early 90's)
   Part of the permission system is the 30 year old necessity. Another problem these days is Berlusconis' active conscious efforts specific to this effort. God is a Toad is the sort of person she was.

    march 2014... The permission angle totally crapped out ... however it looks and sounds as though Chloe has become more successful so it's much less of a waste of money and effort than my efforts of method options about avarice and this sites spirit wa...  For those that are secret believers in the validity of my blog ga and wa then the Chloe Charles experiment is closed in the sense that she has turned into a cliche awe channel for murder menstruation rapist psychopaths that use her as bait to hide behind beside...   Some are certain that I should have only paid bit by bit for a service I could believe but I took a big gamble in the face of very suicidal and now I am concluding that it was a waste of money and that she has neither fulfilled the contractual obligation for an effort beneficial for biology or given a realistic show of support for this effort.  "harmer of no-one" : 12,000 dollars a syllable.
This Water video is the sort of psychopath dementia she has been spending the money as...

   In the exponentially f/k#d up sense she is still sort of interesting but I'm; cutting my losses, folding my hand, not good interest after bad... so on and so forth...  Sept 30  14  Isaiah "baby sodomy torture, what baby sodomy torture?" always famous for feminine.  the channel chat is that any ... artist ... ... that wants to continue for more than ten years is contractually obligated to be a sodomy torture of infants... Also placed in the early retirement category wherein a 15-20 year early retirement requires a five day anal torture of a child. Chloe Charles has been at that wall since at least 2013 and has been deflecting and anal torturing to maintain her career.  In the spirit world "deflecting" is often very specifically placed trickery. It is worth saying that the channel chat from "Keith Frank David, CIA deceased" who is a fundamental conspirator along with Silvio Berlu, her Dad, her grand parents, and basically the entire old school North American media has been channel f#k*d into for decades (that is what she is) has made two script contracts to not acknowledge and kill Cures Riches "C.R." for 100 million "5 thousand babies" and 15 million...  The more complete story includes her Dad at sausage scamming to find a loser Joe and Chloe at gelatin (crystal) scamming to rape the money almost 2 decades earlier...

Feb 28 2015  the channel chat is quite tragic in the description of Heroine Rape Toy (the drug) with maybe only a year to live.

It's been 1 year freakishly fucked in the head every SYLLABLE MIMIC RUBBER glue US military pig faggot freak that's been fucking and eating his Twinkie Chloe for more than 5 years. She worships the pig and sucks vhis cock and goes into freak debt giving him money. Keith Kurt Frank David changes his nsme fake his death insurance fraud exponential death incest INBREEDING freak misogyny mutilation torture pig nazi that Chloe worships and can't make rich enough. Freak pigs that eat Universes like popcorn to suck Mussolini too Menstruation cock.