Thoughts that may be pertinent to your experience;
Being careful not be excessively doing the bidding of Berlu the daemonic emperor...  Much of what is good health is because we are easy push toys for his psychopath channels. Fighting Berlusconi is dangerous to our health. He is infamous as disease.

eyesight, Cancer, HIV / AIDS, Parkinson's, marriage myth, mole, Anorexia, menstruation, balding, the sneeze, headache, epilepsy

Good eyesight is not a vanity.  It is a function.
Loss of  FO CUSS and belief that it is an evil tyranny.
Short or long sited as an indication of the resolution as short or long term. Sometimes it is simply f/ked in the head by channels that are accustomed to the eye wear prescription.
   Comment: Blue eyes are blue because they reject the blue light, and in my experience they also reject the hypocrisy of atmosphere blue as the good heaven.

Cancer:  for a reduction in cancer dilemma political responsibility (attend the meetings etc.) and befriend a hood.  (style of thought and or the clothing)

visualize (think of) your malady
is a group of
celebrities at rape of
your spirit and battle (with thought expression complaint)
them during symptoms

The 2 basic forms of the spirit channel rape are the chill and the amalgam rape.
What many think of as feeling the cold, (chill and goose bumps) is recognized
as a channel rape by the more experienced spiritualist.
In the absence of natural conditions as their excuse they switch to amalgam to avoid detection.
Don't be guilt-ed into their promiscuity excuse. Other than a possible pain or
                                 lump in the back
of the neck as legitimately non promiscuous they are extreme hypocrites.   Don't think the puppy dog identity can't be  appropriately sinister.  It is a very common theme. 

   Parkinson's is the conflict collaboration between the flood trace psychopath channels that say they "murder for murder" ( it's really only their personal avarice ) as found in the fat, and the ones that say they murder for amelioration (really only a policy for their position Avarice) as found in the muscles. Most flooding excuses come from a previous thought of the victim that a portion of their anatomy of muscle, fat, or the "big boned"
as disproportionally large, especially in relation to the anatomies of persons they prefer to look at for pleasure.
  I would like to remind those in this sort of dilemma that material recorded public complaints of the spiritual of tyranny are an amelioration.
  For those that are thinking that the floods are pay of channels that will do their bidding, are they sure that there isn't a channel that waits for you as the victim to give an order only to give a spin to the channels in their language.
  It's said that Berlusconi switches to NA (any thing for a calorie) at less than 10 kilos of fat. 
  Michael J Fox got the squeeze after he stopped murdering at a his 100 quota as an "awe" ho channel
adjacent the orchestrator channel in the brain.
  I would like to believe that occasionally sleeping outside and or donating to those without shelter in winter
would alleviate their symptoms.

The marriage myth:   The spirit channel system is dementedly fag@ and Berluism promises them that it is a temporary condition with marriage to fix it. The reality is that with wed that they trace the spouse to chew on the throat "saw" and trace for ballistic channeling on the top of the head of men and menstruation at women.
Again their origin is the division conquest of false identity misogyny false buddy etc.
  Part of the dilemma is in their anarchy attachment of the instant wed grade 9 chemistry.  The closest that women and men get to a telepathy sensibility is when they are both agents. ( a group of murders of a certain style for the religion, and then they switch to camouflage or hostage channel rape and murder with a specific falsification when asked the quantity of their murder. )occasionally the actual stop at the murders for the set.
> for comments on genitalia pertinence see the Ontario anarchy page<   

The mole is a channel that has been promised a position and is holding on with an edifice on the skin.
In my experience the channels have a semi legitimate desire as women and it is the jealously possessive chicken pig fags that want the whole thing.

Anorexia seems to be women that are certain (consciously or resident brain channel) that earth is the rape capital of the universe(s) and are raped and then fucked in the head by the bloated fat chicken pig channel when they trying to eat.  Universally they have a lot of company cause Berluism is the death of 50 planets a day many of which are fusion powered and anorexic thin and raped.  Berlusim try to say the planets are rich cause the lights are on 24 / 7.    This picture work describes it as our future even though most experts agree Berluisms' preference is quick extreme death as blended with the death of his anatomy, similarly to his world war habit.

Menstruation is false identity misogyny for the division conquest.

Drug company reductions in maladies are a combination of spiritually discovering the spirit channel cause of the malady blended with anarchy contract attachments on the concoction in the pill or other.    Vaccinations are a concoction with the anarchy contract attachment of a bit of the "hair of the dog" before it bites. Simply by accepting that the government is actual making an effort to protect them and submitting to the prescription the prove their compliance and are not destroyed.  (most times)

The demented traditions flood tracing and occupation of spirit channels of  our anatomies; the brain as the god location, the mouth as the Jesus local, the skeleton as those that murder for nature {I don't know how they try to justify this without the murder of Berlusconi as their priority] , muscles as those that oppress, rape and murder in efforts of amelioration, fat as those that murder for pleasure and avarice, skin and blood for ____?___.     
    The chest is thought of as the jail and the stomach as the prison with little chance of court in the brain cause they think of themselves as military.  Chest and stomach are also thought of as place of forgiveness and hospital or "bay" depending on the disposition of the channel in the brain.

Balding  certainly channel attack, most associated with chauvinism and misogyny.  In part from the Islamic tradition of the women as senate over-head in parliament.  In my experience most of the abuses are incited by the Berlu division conquest tyranny. Complete algebra includes radio head, anesthetic, and how brutal a man will be to protect his scalp.   This art work was early in my spirit channel experience and with hind-site explains one of the major thought excuses channels use for scalp attack.  To stop your balding I would suggest starting with the removal of anesthetic so you can actually feel the assault, and then be careful not to be misogyny in the complete algebra of retaliations and trickery.

Sneeze is a symptom of forceful expulsion of a channel in the head and often precursor to a cold or code wherein the intrusion channel is insisting on a style of thought.

cranium NA WA channel is intrusion dilemma

Typically it's channels with a complaint of debt.  One thought to try to alleviate the dilemma is an effort to see if the debt has been created by a trace channel of false identity in the service of another person.  

frequently a your grain my grain ... excuse

epilepsy there is something called the "search and seizure" The victims resident channel in the brain is saying something and disbelieving rape channels are causing the trouble.  My friend with epilepsy had a resident channel that was telling the truth but she was still severely seizure spirit raped.