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  Simple technically it's society and governance keeping score with study of a public effort of "in my spiritual experience".  My first published page asks for a no spiritual trespassing law in part because of the "other" of the spiritual intrusion.  It also ties it to a scientific premise that respects the necessities of our biology.
Fundamentals of psychopath anarchy are "if only they were tiger are shark" and it seems that the person/shark channels insist that a person be fully traced before they are allowed to sleep.
  The Seg Royale channel {not necessarily person consciousness} describes spirit channeling as another level of conceit of  power. Domestic animals, women, men, and then spirit channels

I'm not sure how many have seen the mist or rain of channels that come to earth.  Each one is about a dollar
of "rape of universe" or Berluism immigration policy to augment the 3 1/2 years of death to biology of earth per day.  If you think it's absurd : How much is spent on a little rock from South Africa?  The rain of spirit channels is from much farther than that.   The Berlu channels already have that giddy giggle joy about my complaint of 8 planets dead per day, similarly to my underestimation early complaints of Berlusconi spirit channels as 70 liters of menstruation.  I describe them as "Berlu" because they do use the name but really the channels are aware of a style of personality that they are sure is necessary.  Many are simply duped into serving the more experienced psychopath channels that claim "teaching".

What's the origin of evil?

 more specifically spirit false ID misogyny chauvinism

the emperor of chicken pigs Berlusconi thinks it's gay because it's not fag/buddy orgy chauvi/misogyny

if they insist that eyeballs are the origin

 vegan is allowing the spirit to catch up with the reality of the anatomy The traditions of (grade 1 anarchy exigence) are in persons as wannabe carnivores looking for the glint of the eye in the night.

and tele-command {TV remote control ) secret vote of NO! for change of real
not as pertinent in the absence of expose the spiritual of tyranny because software tells the computer how to function

Feb 11 2011: Secret voting and that the voting record of a person be published when they seek a political position (or they're on a minus table of avarice etc.) to prevent mercenary psychopaths. for example those that yes for idiots and no no to sensible.

translations of conjunctions and
prepositions are complicated from
a HIStory of division conquest    

 For the first published page work, most of it created pre conscious of the personalities and dilemmas of spirit see REGAIN first published in web page form in 2007 .

French and English are neighboring adjacent languages.

woman, will you be the politician 
with the necessity of my "camp" council?

There are also lots of pictorial descriptions complaints and method options @ photobucket and flikr